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A Tribute to Five Wonderful Mothers

Note: This post is written with some specific, special women in my life in mind. I hope, however, that it can also help you recognize the contributions of similar women in yours.

To the Mother of me

No one in this world has done so much for me as my dear Mother. She risked her own life to give me mine. She gave up the kind of life she lived before to devote most of her waking hours (and many that would have been sleeping) to her new life as Mother.

My Mom loves and embraces her role as a parent (although I know we give her plenty of reasons to worry and stress). Her commitment to raising good children in shown in the literally countless hours spent teaching us, caring for us, and looking after our wants and needs.

My Mother is a role model to her family. She is a strong example of strength, hard work, patience, selflessness, sacrifice, intelligence, courage, industry, goodness, and love. She established a legacy of faith for her children. I still remember and draw strength from her voice of belief reading us words of scripture before bed.

I could not have asked for a better, more perfect Mother.

I love and thank you, Mom!

To the Mother of my Mother

My Mother is who she is in part because of the efforts and example of her Mother.

The Mother of my Mother has now spent the majority of her life fully living the sacred role of Mother. Her life is turned outward, to the service of those she loves. She’s restless and uncomfortable until she’s made sure you’re comfortable (and fed).

The Mother of my Mother has shaped the traditions of her family to service, truth, and good. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all love her deeply and all know that she loves them. Truly, generations call her blessed. Everyone who knows her loves her.

I love you, Granny!

To the Mother of the children of others

With or without children of her own, this Mother has expanded her love beyond her own descendants.

This is the wonderful woman who consistently cares for a child while his Mother is away. Who invites a troubled kid into her home and provides a place of shelter. Who comforts a crying baby for an overwhelmed parent. Who serves children and youth with true care and compassion. Who treats us like family, even though we technically are not.

This Mother might not receive a card today for her service, but she deserves our thanks and respect. The world is better because she goes above and beyond.

Her reach and impact will forever bless the children she touches.

They love her!

To the Mother of future children

In a world that glorifies selfishness and diminishes the importance of parenthood, it makes me glad to watch a young woman embrace her future potential as a parent.

She knows that Mother is one of the greatest roles she can pursue, and she takes her preparation seriously. She practices love, care, consideration, and patience. She volunteers to assist children, parents, the infirm, and the elderly.

She values her education and strives to simultaneously prepare for both a career in the workforce and a career in Motherhood. She works hard to develop her capacity for hard work.

Her children will love and bless her!

To the Mother of my children

Finally: I love, respect, admire, and adore the Mother of my children, my beloved wife.

Watching her has taught me so much.

While I was complaining about the air conditioning, she was having her internal organs reshuffled to make room for our baby. While I was watching the monitors and worrying, she was giving everything to bring our baby into the world. While I was washing bottles, she was tending to the every need and whimper of our tiny son. While I was rolling over in my sleep, still trying to process what that crying noise might be, she was already by his bedside, making things better. While I was concerned about how much she had to do with #1, she was ready to start on #2.

Every step of the way, she has been willing and able to meet the challenges.

Our son knows that she provides a place of safety. He knows that she’ll love and care for him no matter what. We’re all most comfortable when we’re with her.

I’m continually amazing by this wonderful woman I chose to marry. She is both brilliant and beautiful. It’s been an honor to see her grow through her commitment to Motherhood.

I love you so much, Emily!

In addition:

To the Mother of my Father: Though I didn’t get to know you in this life, I know you raised my father to be a great man. I love and thank you!

To the Mother of my Wife: You are “Mother of me” to my wife, “Mother of my Mother” to our children, and a “Mother to the children of others” to me. I love and thank you!

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